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  • Basic model of the atom

    Nice basic recap of the structure of the nucleus

  • Carbon dating

    Short but informative video for radiocarbon dating

  • Fission & Fusion

    A short video (8.30) discussion of binding energy used to introduce nuclear fission, nuclear power and nuclear fusion with an interesting reference to why we might be going back to the moon

  • Fission and Fusion

    A short tutorial (7.55) covering nuclear fission and fusion

  • Ionising Radiation

    Short video (7.37) about ionising radiation with a description of half-life at the end.

  • Ionising radiation and DNA

    A short tutorial (3.07) on how radiation causes damage on a cellular level.

  • Joke - Electron

    A rather lame joke but entertaining none the less. "I've lost and electron......"

  • Joke - Neutron

    A rather lame joke but entertaining none the less. A neutron walks into a bar ...

  • Joke - Proton

    A rather lame joke but entertaining none the less. "Yes I'm positive...."

  • Mousetrap chain reaction

    An array of 138 mousetraps are set off in a chain reaction. Ping-pong balls help visualize both neutrons and the release of energy. Shot in 600 fps and 1000 fps.

  • Nuclear Fusion - the future

    A look back at Nuclear Fusion from an imagined Physics lesson in 2100 !

  • Radiocarbon dating

    How carbon dating works

  • Radiocarbon dating - Turin shroud

    The Chemistry of the Turin Shroud. One of the Periodic Table of Videos from the University of Nottingham

  • Writing nuclear equations

    A short tutorial (6.37) on writing nuclear equations for alpha, beta (+ & -) and gamma decay