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  • alpha, beta & gamma

    Institute of Physics video

  • Alpha, Beta & Gamma (Clipbank)

    Clipbank Types of radioactivity

  • Background radiation (Clipbank)

    Another Channel 4 Clipbank.

  • Basic model of the atom

    Nice basic recap of the structure of the nucleus

  • Carbon dating

    Short but informative video for radiocarbon dating

  • Charged particles in a uniform magnetic field

    A clever animation showing the motion of charged particles in a uniform magnetic field

  • Einstein's Relativity

    Einstein's theory of relativity

  • Fission & Fusion

    A short video (8.30) discussion of binding energy used to introduce nuclear fission, nuclear power and nuclear fusion with an interesting reference to why we might be going back to the moon

  • Fission and Fusion

    A short tutorial (7.55) covering nuclear fission and fusion

  • Food irradiation

    Food Irradiation involves shining electromagnetic radiation like X-rays and gamma rays or electron beams onto food to maintain food quality, kill harmful bacteria and control insects. The technique destroys microorganisms that can cause illness or food to decay. Not only does it reduce the risk of food poisoning, it can also extend the shelf life of food products. (2.41)

  • Gamma cancer treatment

    A well presented presentation explaining how gamma rays are used to treat cancer cells (3.37)

  • Half Life Doodle Science

    Another (slightly rapid) Doddle Science explanation of half-life (1.41)

  • Ionising Radiation

    Short video (7.37) about ionising radiation with a description of half-life at the end.

  • Ionising radiation and DNA

    A short tutorial (3.07) on how radiation causes damage on a cellular level.

  • Isotopes and Half Life

    good description of isotopes using Hydrogen and Uranium isotopes as examples - useful for later discussion of nuclear fusion and fission (4.08)

  • Joke - Electron

    A rather lame joke but entertaining none the less. "I've lost and electron......"

  • Joke - Neutron

    A rather lame joke but entertaining none the less. A neutron walks into a bar ...

  • Joke - Proton

    A rather lame joke but entertaining none the less. "Yes I'm positive...."

  • Mousetrap chain reaction

    An array of 138 mousetraps are set off in a chain reaction. Ping-pong balls help visualize both neutrons and the release of energy. Shot in 600 fps and 1000 fps.

  • Nuclear Fission

    This physics video explains the concept of nuclear fission reaction by illustrating an example of nuclear fission of Uranium 235 atom. Nuclear fission is nuclear reaction process in which nucleus, when bombarded with a neutron, splits into smaller parts, often producing free neutrons, and releasing a very large amount of energy. One of the most important applications of nuclear fission reactions in creating chain reactions.

  • Nuclear Fusion (ITER)

    ITER: The Star Creator
    Publicity video for the ITER nuclear fusion reactor, an international cooperation in the south of France.

  • Nuclear Fusion - the future

    A look back at Nuclear Fusion from an imagined Physics lesson in 2100 !

  • Nuclear Reactor

    A nice introduction to how a nuclear reactor works.

  • PET scan How it works

    PET Scans are widely used for detecting cancers or abnormalities in brain function in humans and animals. The animation shows a small amount of a short-lived radioisotope injected into the body via a carrier molecule such as glucose. Glucose then carries the positron emitter to areas of high metabolic activity, such as a growing tumour.

  • Photoelectric Effect

    Video showing the photoelectric effect. The demonstration is improved using an HT gauze. The electroscope even recharges after the discharge

  • Photoelectric Effect - recharge

    A gold leaf electroscope being recharge by UV light !

  • Radiocarbon dating

    How carbon dating works

  • Radiocarbon dating - Turin shroud

    The Chemistry of the Turin Shroud. One of the Periodic Table of Videos from the University of Nottingham

  • Rutherford - Alpha particle scattering

    Positively charged (2+) alpha particles are emitted from the source and the flashes are these hitting the fluorescent screen after passing through the thin gold foil in the middle. Approximately 1/8000 alpha particles are repelled backwards, which shows that the nucleus is VERY small, and only few of the alpha particles hit it completely and are repelled back

  • Rutherford Gold Foil Experiment

    A short video (4.06) of a modern-day recreation of the famous experiment carried out by Geiger and Marsden, under the supervision of Rutherford.

  • Types of radiation

    This video explains alpha, beta and gamma radiation (2.15)

  • Uses of radioactivity - Alpha

    How a smoke alarm works

  • Writing nuclear equations

    A short tutorial (6.37) on writing nuclear equations for alpha, beta (+ & -) and gamma decay