• Andy Darvill Funnies
  • Bowman

    What angle is needed to fire the arrows the greatest distance

  • Colours

    An interesting illustration of the conflict between the right and left brain.

  • Countdown timer

    Set the time you wish to countdown from

  • Drawing 8

    A simple drawing program

  • Estimation

    How good are you at estimating ?

  • How Tall ?

    A spreadsheet that will estimate how tall you will be based on current age and height.

  • Lost marbles

    Similar game to the old pacman.

  • Lunar lander

    Another one of those programs where you have to land the lunar pod on the moon. A good example of balanced forces.

  • Monkey Hunter

    Shoot the monkey !

  • Orbit

    All you have to do is stop the comet from hitting the planet. Any comet passing near a planet is subject to a gravitational pull.

  • Pool

    A conventional pool game

  • Pool 1

    A game true but also a representation of collisions in two dimensions

  • Super Mario Physics
  • Walk the Plank