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  • Herschel - infra red

    Short video (9.58 min) starting with Herschel's discovery and then looking at infrared in more detail. The last 3 mins are basically a sales pitch but the infrared images are interesting

  • How to remember the electromagnetic spectrum

    Very simple, short (2.08), video telling a silly story to help remember the order of the electromagnetic spectrum. I particularly like the nmemonic at the end

  • Ritter - UV

    Starting with Ritter's experiment with photographic paper, this short video (3.40) goes on to look at UV-A, UV-B and UV-C before going on to briefly descrive their use in space exploration

  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum - Microwaves

    Short video (3.23). Looking in a bit more depth at microwave radiation. Includes CMB

  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum - NASA

    Introduction to the elctromagnetic spectrum with links to each of the areas.

  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum - NASA

    Short video (5.20). Introduction to the electromagnetic spectrum with a look at each of the wavelengths in turn.

  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum - Radio Waves

    Short video (3.58). Looking in a bit more depth at radio waves from their first transmission at the end of the 19th Century.