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  • 3D ultrasound image

    3D ultrasound photo.

  • Alien

    "in space no one can hear you scream". Sound does not travel in a vacuum.

  • CAT (CT) scanner

    Computer (Axial) Tomography scanners take x-ray slices (tomographs) at mm distances along the body. The images taken can then be built up, using a computer, to produce a detailed (3D) picture. Sometimes a contrast dye is used to enhance the definition.


    More detailed CMB image with the signal from our Galaxy removed showing temperature fluctuations of +-200 microKelvin

  • Electromagnetic spectrum

    The energy of these transverse waves increases with increasing frequency.

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum - Harm

    Chart detailing some of the harmful effects of the electromagnetic radiation.

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum - Uses

    Chart detailing some of the uses of electromagnetic radiation.

  • EM spectrum

    Nice reference for the electromagnetic spectrum

  • Graphite diffraction pattern

    Graphite electron diffraction pattern from the fluorescent screen of a Teltron tube. In wave particle duality this is evidence for the wave nature of electrons.

  • Handout - Reflection

    Handout showing red laser light being reflected and refracted by a semicircular glass (plastic) block. Light is refracted at angles less than the critical angle and reflected at angles greater than the critical.

  • Handout - Refraction

    Handout showing red laser light being refracted by a semicircular block and an illustration of a spectrum being formed by refraction

  • Handout - Refraction (magic)

    Optical illusions using refraction

  • Handout - Scanning by reflection

    Some examples of where ultrasound can be used

  • Handout - Seismic waves

    Handout showing p and s waves and how they provide evidence for the structure of the Earth's interior.

  • Hydrogen Emission Spectra
  • Infra red

    How to tell if the water is hot !

  • Infra red - head

    infra red image

  • Line Spectra
  • Plack's Constant

    From Planck's 1900 experiment where Planck showed that energy had to be quantised.

  • Prism spectrum
  • Radar
  • Radar screen
  • Radiotelescope - Arecibo

    Picture courtesy of the NAIC - Arecibo Observatory, a facility of the NSF.
    The World's largest and most sensitive radiotelescope located in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.
    305m fixed reflecting surface suspended in a natural limestone sinkhole. The receiver is supported some 150m above. Used by, amongst others, SETI. Opened Nov 1963

  • Radiotelescope - Very Large Array

    Very Large Array in New Mexico is composed of 27, 25 metre diameter, antenna in a Y-shape formation, on rail tracks, electronically combined to give the resolution of an antenna 36 km across and the sensitivity of a dish 130m across.

  • Real image

    Diagram showing the creation of a real image and how the magnification can be calculated

  • Ripples (concentric)
  • Sonar (ultrasound)

    Knowing the speed of sound in water, the formula speed = distance / time and a computer, it is possible to use ultrasound to produce an image of the sea bed.

  • Sources of infrasound

    Acoustic waves with low frequencies, below 20Hz, are called infrasound and are produced by a variety of natural and man-made sources. You could add to this picture: Animal communications and detection of animal movements.

  • Spanner & nut


  • Tectonic plate boundaries

    From the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Plate boundaries are shown in greeny-blue, earthquakes with yellow dots and recent volcanoes as red triangles.

  • The Photoelectric Effect

    The Heinrich Hertz experiment first carried out in 1881 as a precursor the Michelson Morley experiment in 1887.

  • Total Internal Reflection

    Red laser light reflected inside a curved plastic rod

  • Ultrasound - scan
  • Virtual image

    Simple diagram showing a virtual image seen in a mirror. It is not possible to project a virtual image.

  • Visible Spectrum

    Useful as a reference when looking at absorption and emission spectra.

  • Wave diagram

    Basic diagram of a wave. Amplitude = maximum displacement from the mid point, Wavelength = length/distance of a single wave, Frequency = number of waves passing a point per second. Speed of sound in air 330m/s. Speed of light in a vacuum 300,000,000 m/s

  • X-Ray - ankle

    A colour enhanced x-ray of the ankle of a lady wearing high heels.

  • X-Ray body scan

    Actually a fake picture of what a full body scan might look like.

  • X-Ray of lorry

    An x-ray of a statue of Sheba (similar to the one at CERN) taken at the Rotterdam customs. The 9.3MeV source is strong enough to distinguish between a 1mm copper wire and 30cm of steel.

  • X-ray tractor