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  • Balance Forces

    Not an animation, just a picture

  • Balls dropping to earth

    A look at the horizontal and vertical moments of two falling balls.

  • Bouncing ball

    Features gravitation constant, energy absorption and time elapsed.

  • Distance and Displacement
  • F=MA

    In this experiment, we tried to establish the F=MA equation. We did this by creating a system which involved a Car, being pulled by a pulley which was attached to some masses (Weight, which in this experiment acts as force, Weight is mass being accelerated by gravity.) In the first experiment we moved the Weights from the Weight, to the Car (Turning it into Mass). This is graph One, which is the upper of the two. And the results are to the left of it. The second experiment was where we only added to the Mass of the car. Activities: Plot the gradient, as the Acceleration and Mass have been listed, put these values into F=MA and see if the Gradient is equal to F. If so why so? If not, why not?

  • F=ma (lightgates)

    Excel spreadsheet with data from the dataloggers of an F=ma experiment

  • Forces & Motion Powerpoint
  • Forces on a cyclist

    A whole series of forces that can be adjusted on a cyclist.

  • Forces Powerpoint
  • Friction
  • Gas Pressure

    Looking at what happens when the pressure is reduced inside a container

  • Hooke's Law

    Relationship between force and displacement for spring.

  • Lightgates height vs velocity

    Results for an experiment where the height of a ramp, down which a car is rolled, is varied. The velocity of the car is calculated using a lightgate.
    The mass of the car was 53.7g

  • Mass Spring Lab

    Adjust the mases and note the different impact on the spring extension.

  • Newton's Cradle
  • Pendulum

    Change damping, starting angle etc and measure the period.

  • Piston (Boyles Law)

    Simple animated piston.

  • Poster Work Done

    A3 poster showing Work Done

  • Pressure

    Increase the temperature and note the impact on the pressure.

  • Projectile
  • Properties of gases

    What happens to a volume of gas when you change the volume, temperature and pressure.

  • Relative Motion

    Controlling a boat as it travels across up and downstream.

  • Velocity graphs for 2 cars

    Adust the velocity and watch the impact on the graph