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  • Andy Darvill
  • BBC GCSE Bitesize Forces & Motion
  • Buster Online Tests
  • Buster Online Tests
  • Distance vs time data Buntingford to Cambridge

    Sample data for a distance vs time graph of a journey from Buntingford to Cambridge, includes a stop at the level crossing.

  • F=MA

    In this experiment, we tried to establish the F=MA equation. We did this by creating a system which involved a Car, being pulled by a pulley which was attached to some masses (Weight, which in this experiment acts as force, Weight is mass being accelerated by gravity.) In the first experiment we moved the Weights from the Weight, to the Car (Turning it into Mass). This is graph One, which is the upper of the two. And the results are to the left of it. The second experiment was where we only added to the Mass of the car. Activities: Plot the gradient, as the Acceleration and Mass have been listed, put these values into F=MA and see if the Gradient is equal to F. If so why so? If not, why not?

  • F=ma (lightgates)

    Excel spreadsheet with data from the dataloggers of an F=ma experiment

  • GCSE.com Forces & Motion
  • gcsescience.com
  • Hooke's Law

    Resources from Matter at the University of Liverpool

  • Lightgates height vs velocity

    Results for an experiment where the height of a ramp, down which a car is rolled, is varied. The velocity of the car is calculated using a lightgate.
    The mass of the car was 53.7g

  • Newton's 1st Law
  • Newton's Law with lightgates

    An animation that can be used to obtain results for the Edexcel GCSE Core Practical: Investigate the relationship between force, mass and acceleration by varying the masses added to trolleys.

  • PhET Forces and Motion

    Another PhET html5 animation showing the impact of changing force.

  • PhET Gravity and orbits

    Another PhET animation that can be used to demonstrate the forces, speed and velocity associated with a planet orbiting a star

  • Phet Skate park energy

    Another PhET animation showing the changes of energy in a skatepark

  • Physics-gcse.com
  • Poster Work Done

    A3 poster showing Work Done

  • S-Cool
  • S-Cool
  • Stopping distance animation

    Stopping distance animation that can be used to collect data

  • Young Modulus

    Matter resource from the University of Liverpool (uses Java)