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  • G481 definitions and more

    A working document, trying to meet the needs of the G481 OCR A
    Last updated Nov 2011

  • G481 Definitions blank

    A blank sheet with all the definitions required by the syllabus for G481 Mechanics.

  • G482 Definitions & more

    Definitions etc for the OCR G482. Those definitions and descriptions in red have been 'plucked' from exam board mark schemes and can be considered definitive, others may need to be developed. Updated Sept 2013

  • G483 Determination of spring constant

    A simple early experiment looking at the requirements of the new practicals

  • G483 G486 Evaluative Guidance

    Some general suggestions on how to answer the G483 or G486 Evaluative papers

  • G483 G486 Qualitative Guidance

    General outline guidance for students sitting the 10 mark G483 G486 Qualitative paper.

  • G483 G486 Quantitative Guidance

    Some general suggestions on how to answer the G483 or G486 Quantitative papers

  • G484 Define, explain etc blank

    A blank form for students to complete for the requirements of the G484 syllabus. (Define, State, Explain, Recall etc)

  • G484 Definitions and more

    The definitions, descriptions etc required for G484. This is an ever-changing document and is updated as more information can be added from exam board meetings, Examiners' reports and mark schemes.
    Updated Oct 2012

  • G485 Definitions

    The Learning Outcomes for G485 - material extracted from previous mark schemes is highlighted in red. This is a working document. Modified March 2013