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  • Basic model of the atom

    Nice basic recap of the structure of the nucleus

  • Crab nebula

    A supernova remnant some 6,500 light years from Earth. Probably exploding in 1054 AD

  • Electrostatic - painting

    Particles of paint are electrostatically charged. These are then attracted to the grounded metal. The paint can clearly be seen adhering to the reverse side of the railings as they are painted.

  • Electrostatic - spraying

    Advert for an American company showing the advantages, in terms of coverage, of electrostatic spraying of chemicals over conventional methods.

  • Focal length How to measure it

    Short animation showing how to measure the focal length of a lens

  • Galileo

    Portrait of Galileo Galilei. Oil on canvas by Domenico Tintoretto 1605-1606 from the photo gallery at the Museo Galileo, Florence, Itlay

  • Galileo and Jupiter's moons

    A short video about Galileo's first use of a telescope

  • Galileo's telescopes 1

    Galileo's telescopes in their glass case at the Institute e Museo di Storia della Scienza Firenze in Florence, Italy

  • Galileo's telescopes 2

    Galileo's telescopes alongside each other outside of their glass case at the Institute e Museo di Storia della Scienza Firenze in Florence, Italy

  • Geocentric & Heliocentric models

    A short, informative, but slightly annoying video with good visuals of the two models

  • GradeGorilla - P1 Light

    Online test for the P1 Topic

  • Handout - Reflection

    Handout showing red laser light being reflected and refracted by a semicircular glass (plastic) block. Light is refracted at angles less than the critical angle and reflected at angles greater than the critical.

  • Handout - Refraction

    Handout showing red laser light being refracted by a semicircular block and an illustration of a spectrum being formed by refraction

  • Handout - Refraction (magic)

    Optical illusions using refraction

  • Joke - Electron

    A rather lame joke but entertaining none the less. "I've lost and electron......"

  • Joke - Neutron

    A rather lame joke but entertaining none the less. A neutron walks into a bar ...

  • Joke - Proton

    A rather lame joke but entertaining none the less. "Yes I'm positive...."

  • Longitudinal wave

    Simple, clear animation showing a longitudinal wave

  • P1 Revision Topic 1 origami

    Light hearted way to check that you know the Learning Outcomes. Useful for warm-up sessions.

  • P1 Revision Topic 1 origami

    Just a light hearted way of checking you know the Learning Outcomes

  • Static electricity - car fire

    Security camera video of a static electricity caused fire whilst refuelling

  • Static electricity - dangers

    Informative short video showing an aircraft being 'grounded' before refuelling and explaining how a modern aircraft reduces charge build up.

  • Static electricity - lightning

    High speed camera footage of lightning

  • Static electricity - shock

    Static charges can build up just from rubbing against the carpet!

  • Transverse and longitudinal wave

    Very short video showing longitudinal waves and transverse waves in a slinky

  • Why telescopes in space ?

    Water vapour in the atmosphere absorbs infra red.
    Visible light makes it through the atmosphere but images are blurred
    The Earth's atmosphere blocks X-rays and gamma rays..