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  • Alpha, Beta & Gamma

    A link to the excellent passmyexams.co.uk

  • Detecting radioactivity

    Another link to a page on the excellent passmyexams.co.uk website

  • Human reaction time

    An online reaction test. A commonly accepted fast reaction time for humans is 0.25s (250ms)

  • Human Reaction time 2

    Another reaction time test. This time they will guess your age based on your reaction time

  • Newton's Law with lightgates

    An animation that can be used to obtain results for the Edexcel GCSE Core Practical: Investigate the relationship between force, mass and acceleration by varying the masses added to trolleys.

  • PhET Bending Light

    A great html simulation for refraction and reflection

  • PhET Colour Vision

    Another PhET animation showing what happens when you mix colours and when filters are added.

  • PhET Forces and Motion

    Another PhET html5 animation showing the impact of changing force.

  • PhET Isotopes

    A PhET animation that allows you to create your own isotope by varying the number of neutrons. It will then indicate how common this isotope is in nature

  • PhET Rutherford Scattering

    Another PhET animation. This time Rutherford scattering for the Bohr and the Plumb Pudding models.

  • Radioactive half life animation

    Another link to the excellent passmyexams.co.uk website

  • Refraction lab

    Animation of refraction using the semicircular glass blocks that can be used to obtain values for the incident angle and the refracted angles of light.

  • Stopping distance animation

    Stopping distance animation that can be used to collect data

  • Wavelength Lab

    An animation that allows you to change and measure the frequency, velocity and wavelength of waves and hence take some interesting measurements