9-1 Topic 5 Electromagnetic wave 2

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The diagram shows a water wave going from deep water into an area of much shallower water. The wave is refracted at the boundary between deep water and shallow water. Which row of the table is correct for what happens when the wave is refracted?

  • Speed stays the same. Direction changes
  • Speed stays the same. Direction stays the same
  • Speed changes. Direction changes
  • Speed changes. Direction stays the same

The radiation that causes skin cancer is

  • ultraviolet radiation
  • radio waves
  • microwaves
  • infrared radiation

A specific electromagnetic wave has a frequency greater than visible light. The wavelength of this wave is longer than that of X-rays. The electromagnetic wave is:

  • a gamma wave
  • an infrared wave
  • a microwave
  • an ultraviolet wave

Bees have several colours. Which of these colours appears in a pure spectrum of visible light?

  • black
  • brown
  • white
  • yellow

20 waves are sent out in 4 seconds. The frequency of the wave is:

  • 0.2 Hz
  • 5 Hz
  • 20 Hz
  • 80 Hz