9-1 Topic 3 Energy 1

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A father pushes his child in a cart. The cart starts to move. Which of the following can be measured in joules per second?

  • energy
  • momentum
  • power
  • work

Some students investigate a model of the craters produced by meteorite impacts. They drop balls into a tray filled with sand. They use six balls with different masses. They drop each ball from the same height. Which one of these graphs shows the relationship between the gravitational potential energy (gpe) of the balls and their mass when they are all at the same height?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

The diagram shows the energy transferred by the electric heater in 1 second. How much energy is wasted each second?

  • 12 J
  • 38 J
  • 50 J
  • 88 J